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How to increase Frey's max health in Forspoken? Find the answer here.

In Forspoken, there are a variety of different methods to increase Frey’s max health. Players can increase their maximum health in-game by leveling up, acquiring new gear, and making use of special Monuments to Justice. In this blog, we’ll be detailing the steps needed to increase Frey’s max health through the use of Monuments to Justice.

How to increase Frey’s max health in Forspoken?

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    Monuments to Justice are special structures in-game that offer Frey an increase of her maximum health by five points. These structures are usually located in difficult-to-reach spots, so players must use their Scatter Shot to destroy the rocks surrounding these structures in order to interact with them.

    Once you’ve made it to a Monument to Justice, you’ll need to press and hold the action button in order to activate it. After the Monument to Justice is activated, the game will prompt you to select the character you want to use the increase in maximum health on. After you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to see the increase in maximum health on the character’s health bar.

    Increasing maximum health in Forspoken is an important part of making progress in the game. The Monuments to Justice scattered around the world of Athia are a great way to increase your character’s maximum health and make the most out of your journey. With the process detailed in this blog, you’ll be able to easily find and interact with the Monuments to Justice in-game and increase your character’s maximum health. So make sure to use these Monuments to Justice to get the most out of your journey in the world of Athia, courtesy of Luminous Productions and Square Enix.

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