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Find out how to get the Symbols necklace in Forspoken in this guide.

What is Symbols Necklace ?

The Symbols necklace is a piece of gear obtainable in the world of Athia. It is shaped in the form of the PlayStation symbols and provides the wearer with the buff "Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily by attack magic triggered during parkour". Wearing the necklace will give the wearer a bit of extra help early on in the game.

How to get the Symbols Necklace in Forspoken?

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    The Symbols necklace is only available to those who preordered Forspoken on PS5. If you are one of the lucky ones, you should have received the necklace as part of your preorder bonus. If you didn't preorder the game or if you missed out on the bonus, there are still some ways you can get the Symbols necklace.

    One way to get the necklace is to complete specific side quests in the game. You may also be able to purchase the necklace from certain merchants, or you can even find it as a random drop from certain enemies. However, keep in mind that these methods may be more difficult and time-consuming than simply preordering the game.

    The Symbols necklace is a great way to get an early advantage in Forspoken. If you preordered the game on PS5, you should already have the necklace and be ready to take on Athia's challenges. For those who didn't preorder, there are still some ways to obtain the necklace, although they may be more difficult and time-consuming. No matter how you obtain it, the Symbols necklace is sure to be a big help early on in the game.

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