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Want to know how to craft in Forspoken? Check out this guide for everything you need to know about crafting in Forspoken!

How to Craft in Forspoken?

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    In Forspoken, you can craft items at any crafting station. Use the fast travel option to easily and quickly move around the world and gain access to multiple crafting stations. Once you’ve reached a crafting station, select the craft option to bring up a list of all the items you can craft. You will start off knowing a few crafting recipes but can learn more by completing tasks around the world. When you select an item, it will show you what resources are required to make it underneath the image of the item.

    If you have the required materials, hold down the button indicated above the item’s image to craft it. Crafted items will automatically appear in your inventory. The resources required to craft and upgrade items can be found throughout the world. Some areas offer specific resources, so make sure you pay attention to where they can be found. For example, balm flax is typically found in the forest region, while cloaks and necklaces can be crafted with materials found in the desert.

    How to Upgrade Your Gear in Forspoken?

    To upgrade your piece of gear, open up your crafting menu and select the item you want to upgrade. You’ll then be presented with a list of upgrades that can be applied to the item, as well as the materials required to complete the upgrade. Once you have the materials, select the upgrade you want to apply and hold down the button indicated above the upgrade’s image to complete the process.

    Not all items can be upgraded. Healing draughts, for example, cannot be upgraded at all. However, the vast majority of items can be upgraded in some way, allowing you to customize your gear to fit your playstyle.

    Crafting and upgrading items in Forspoken is an integral part of the game. By learning the crafting systems and understanding how to find the resources needed to craft and upgrade items, you’ll be able to build a powerful arsenal of items to help you during your journey. So take the time to explore the world and master the crafting systems in Forspoken.

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