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Discover the secrets on How to increase commercial revenue in Football Manager 2024 with our expert tips and strategies.

Welcome to another exciting blog post on Football Manager 2024! In this article, we will delve into the world of commercial revenue and explore various strategies to enhance it. Commercial revenue plays a crucial role in the success of any football club, as it provides necessary funds for player transfers, stadium improvements, and overall growth. So, let's get started and discover how you can boost your club's commercial revenue in Football Manager 2024!

How to increase commercial revenue in Football Manager 2024

Enhancing Reputation

One of the key factors in attracting buyers and sponsors is the reputation of your club. The more reputable your club is, the more lucrative commercial deals you can secure. Regular participation in the Champions League is an excellent way to increase your club's reputation. The prestige and exposure that come with competing in Europe's elite competition can attract sponsors, investors, and fans. Additionally, reputable clubs often have higher shirt sales, as fans are more likely to purchase merchandise from a club they admire.

To enhance your club's reputation, focus on building a strong team capable of consistently qualifying for the Champions League. Strengthen your squad with quality players, implement effective tactics, and develop a winning mentality. As your club's reputation grows, so will the interest from potential sponsors and buyers.

Signing Big Stars

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The impact of signing well-known players on your club's commercial revenue cannot be overstated. Big stars have a significant influence on fans' purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to buying team merchandise such as jerseys. The sight of a renowned player donning your club's colors can inspire fans to proudly wear their favorite player's shirt.

While signing young talents with potential is important for the long-term success of your club, older players with massive reputations can also bring commercial benefits. These players often come with a fan base of their own, and fans from their previous clubs may continue to support them by purchasing shirts even after they move to a new club. So, keep an eye on experienced players who could bring commercial value to your team, even if their transfer fees might be high.

 Players from Preferred Countries

Understanding fan preferences and targeting players from preferred countries can significantly impact your club's commercial revenue. Fans often have a strong affinity for players from certain countries or regions, and this can translate into increased merchandise sales. Therefore, it is essential to identify the countries that resonate with your fan base and focus on signing players from those nations.

In Football Manager 2024, East Asian nations such as China, Japan, and South Korea have a massive following and can be excellent choices for signing players. These countries have passionate football fans who are eager to support their favorite players. Similarly, countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia also have a significant fan base and can contribute to your club's commercial success. By bringing in players from these preferred countries, you can tap into a larger market and boost shirt sales.

 Utilizing Preseason Tours

Preseason tours offer a fantastic opportunity to generate quick commercial revenue for your club. By strategically choosing your preseason destinations, you can maximize your club's exposure and attract fans from around the world. North America and Asia, in particular, present lucrative markets for football, with a growing passion for the sport.

Consider organizing preseason tours in these regions to connect with your international fan base and create additional revenue streams. Arrange friendly matches against local teams or participate in prestigious preseason tournaments. These tours not only help in building your club's brand globally but also provide opportunities for sponsorships, merchandising, and fan engagement. By focusing on these regions, you can increase your club's commercial revenue in Football Manager 2024.

In conclusion, commercial revenue plays a vital role in the success and growth of any football club. Building a strong reputation, signing big stars, targeting players from preferred countries, and utilizing preseason tours are effective strategies for increasing your club's commercial revenue in Football Manager 2024. Remember, these methods require careful planning, research, and execution. So, put your managerial skills to the test and implement these techniques to experience success both on and off the pitch. Good luck, and may your club flourish in the world of commercial revenue!

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