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FIFA 21 has come to entertain us for a long time and this leads us to tell you how to transfer your data to PS5 or Xbox Series x and s

What is the purpose of transferring data to PS5 or Xbox Series x and s in FIFA 21?

The arrival of the new consoles has revolutionized the whole world and obviously there are a considerable number of players who are eager to enjoy it, in this sense it is necessary to take care of letting you know the possibility of transferring data from PS5 and Xbox Series xys, especially because It is exactly today December 4 when FIFA 21 gives its face to these consoles, only that some have bought it for the previous consoles and already have some process carried out, so it is necessary to keep it.

How to transfer your data to PS5 or Xbox Series x and s in FIFA 21?

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It is evident that many users compared this game digitally for both platforms, which leads you to take care of locating the page and proceeding to do the download process, in which case you have some type of physical copy, it is necessary to follow them. steps with the unit of the previous console, because in a way thanks to the fact that the data is usually stored in the cloud today there is the possibility that it remains active in your PS5 or Xbox account.

When the internet connection process occurs, this allows you to choose to automatically download the progress you have in this game made on the previous console, but before doing this process it is necessary to understand that it is only possible to transfer the data from FIFA Ultimate Team, in addition to the progression of Avatar Volta, since other data is easily restored with the new console, such as professional clubs, season, etc.

Now that you know how to transfer your data to PS5 or Xbox Series x and s, it is necessary to take care of this process and thus get to enjoy FIFA 21 on your new console.

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