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2021-04-13 01:17:03

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This article is for those of us who have asked us how to get Soul Gems in Skyrim because it has got you covered.

What are soul gems in Skyrim?

It is a valuable item that you can find in the game and that will allow you to enchant magical weapons and armor, as well as enchant existing pieces, however, these are not easy to get if you do not have a guide on how to obtain soul gems.

How to get soul gems in Skyrim?

You should first note that these gems come in various sizes and power levels, and all but one Black Soul Gem cannot contain humanoid souls.
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    This item can only be used once before it disappears.

    These gems can only contain a chicken wing or its equivalent, while a large soul gem can have anything that is not humanoid. We recommend you search for the Sanctuary of Azura and venture in the search for the Black Star that can contain any soul and never runs out.

    To get a soul gem you will have to know the Soul Trap spell, a very low-level conjuration spell, which will not be complicated.

    You should keep in mind, when using a soul trap on an enemy, is that if he dies before the effect wears off, his soul will be trapped in the next eligible soul gem.

    That's all you need to know about how to get soul gems in Skyrim, so now that you know, we hope you can get as many gems as possible without a problem.

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