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The action in Valorant does not stop, so today we will explain how to win with Cypher Agent in precise details.

  In Valorant there are many tasks to be carried out, in which some are more complex than others, which puts us in the situation of wanting to solve one of them, this is where the content of this guide comes in to talk to us about How to win with the Cypher agent and we will see it below.


Who is Cypher Agent in Valorant?


  This is a reconnaissance specialist, who is in charge of blocking the flanks in order to protect his allies, he is also capable of using cameras that serve to recognize the area prior to the movements of the team, We can say that the Cypher Agent support  is very outstanding and important for a team, which makes us want to understand how to win with Cypher Agent and those details to see it, it will only be enough for us to continue with this guide.
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    How to win with Cypher agent in Valorant?


     To understand how to win it is necessary that we know the skills that Cypher Agent possesses and these are the following:


    •  Cyber ​​Cage Basic: this skill has a cost of 100 credits with 2 charges, it is about the placement of a deal that the agent is able to activate at will, being one or all of them instantly, the one who falls into this trap will be acting with slowness.
    • Trapwire Basic: the cost is 200 credits with 2 charges, on the walls place traps between two walls, when the opponent passes, he will be temporarily trapped, which reveals the location of that to our entire team, in the In case the trap cable is not destroyed at least you are stunned, the trap cable for Cypher is reusable.
    • Neural Theft: 6 Orbs with 1 charge is required, it is used to know the location of our missing enemies, where a hat is sent on top of the dead enemy to access the information that will take us to where the other enemies are.
    • Spycam Signature: free cost and has 1 charge, with which the placement of a spy camera is carried out having access to the location of our enemies expressed in the mini map if it is in the range of vision of the camera, even this agent can do it use remotely to make dart shots at our enemies having access to their position.


     We have said before that Cypher Agent is capable of providing a lot of support for many things, including spying on our enemies, the combination of abilities are capable of being so effective that he supports his allies in many ways during any battle, By placing the spy camera in the vicinity of the bomb, you can have control by the surveillance of the other players, thus having them located on our map, there are many tactics and attack points that we can consider covering with the spy camera, thus revealing the location of our enemies.


     It is also possible to use darts that help us to track with the spy camera, having the enemy location when going through the walls, for this reason we will use the sniper operator thus managing to stop the wall hit, we have to consider that Cyber ​​Cage is the best defense, with the traps and activation of them, delaying our enemies and causing them many problems when they are looking to detect the other traps, by stopping them we can also surprise them.


     For blocking the flanks, it is ideal that we use the trap cables, since our enemies will be trapped when they pass through, thus also revealing their location to our allies, we have that the Neural Theft is the ability Definitively, the correct use of this is when we have numerical advantage over our enemies and it is key that we find them, which we are going to review by hacking the bodies of our enemies to know the location of others.

     This is the end of our guide on How to win with Cypher Agent, hoping that you can get the most out of Valorant, a highly mobile game.

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