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The minigames are an important part of Fall Guys so it is necessary to know how to win in Hex-A-Gone and here we are going to tell you about it.

What is Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys?

This is nothing more than a minigame that we find in Fall Guys, it can become quite complex, it has some tiles and the idea of ​​this is to ensure that the last bean that remains standing is the winner, allowing us to claim the longed-for crown, this can become as a fairly complex game and this is where knowing how to win in Hex-A-Gone can become quite a challenge, since it looks simple but actually it is not, to execute it it is necessary to jump on some tiles over the pink pool, it is a game that is made up of around 8 to 12 players which simply makes it more competitive.

How to win at Hex-A-Gone at Fall Guys?

To be the winner in this minigame it is necessary to have some necessary options, because we are definitely not in the middle of anything, we are immersed in a complex task where the strongest is who wins, being an interesting challenge for us to know how to win in Hex -A-Gone, for this we offer you some strategies such as:


Learning to jump is really necessary in Fall Guys, because here we have more than one platform which is highly important since we would not want to run through the tiles and it can make the job a bit less complicated, this jumping option is much more interesting since we can jump over our opponents and get a little more time being on the ground, allowing us not to waste time, the idea of ​​this is to be as cautious as possible, because jump to places where we have jumped previously in this Fall Guys minigame is simply not an option, as doing so is likely to get us cornered.

Jumping is the best and most interesting strategy to know how to win in Hex-A-Gone, you do not necessarily have to be aggressive when jumping, because these jumps can be executed tile after tile if we consider it necessary, because we have some considerable amount of time to accomplish before it can disappear, it is possible to clear the entire floor of a room in some time.
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    Be ruthless.

    There are some times when we need to be bad in a game and specifically knowing how to win at Hex-A-Gone allows us to turn in this way, our goal is to cut the opportunity to advance to any of our opponents, preventing them from diving into Some tile, for this it will only be enough to eliminate 2 tiles in front of them, this simply does not let them advance and places us close to victory.

    Using the option to be ruthless in Fall Guys is simply ideal when we are running or jumping on the board, especially since it is a time when we are all in the middle of fighting for a space, which allows us to deny the possibility of the tiles , in addition to keeping them at bay so that they do not reach us, this simply allows us to observe that there are some players who end up eliminating each other, which makes our work a bit less complicated.

    Plan our own rest.

    There is a number of floors below us, the idea of ​​this is to get an excellent place where it is possible to land, for this before executing the descent it is better to look exactly on what we are standing to know where to fall, since doing it lightly It would lead us to be eliminated in this Fall Guys minigame.

    Not having tunnel vision.

    Focusing solely on eliminating another person to know how to win in Hex-A-Gone is simply an option but we should not focus on it because it is possible to be out of victory, this means that it will be necessary to concentrate particularly on jumping through the tiles Therefore, playing in a somewhat more conservative way could allow us to perform some maneuvers that may well bring us closer and give us our victory.

    Fall to the bottom.

    The mere possibility of falling to the bottom of the sand makes it a very complex strategy, but it can be interesting, since it is possible to get us before the possibility that the other players can plummet to the bottom, only that it does not always turn out all so perfect as we planned, which is simply not ideal because it can be a knife to our throat.

    In this sense, knowing how to win at Hex-A-Gone simply allows us to have the possibility of applying some interesting strategies and thereby winning at Fall Guys.

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