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F1 2021 has enough fun for us, and it makes it convenient to explain to you which is the best Setup for the French Grand Prix.

Why set up for the French Grand Prix at F1 2021?

Because this circuit is usually one of the most complex in relation to the destruction of tires, the idea is to have a car that can be highly competitive, in such a way that it is necessary to know the best configuration for the French Grand Prix, this Because this circuit as such has large and long curves, which can represent a real inconvenience, however, everything has a solution and for this we must make some modifications.

What is the best setup for the French Grand Prix in F1 2021?

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    Sometimes we come across a series of inconveniences related to the handling in this sense it is worth having some adjustments, especially in Grand Prix where the circuits are peculiar, specifically knowing the Setup for the French Grand Prix is ​​usually a crucial task thanks to the closed and long curves that it usually has, and for this it is advisable to have:


    •  Transmission: it is good to take into account that it is usually applied at 80-60 percent so that this allows us to have a speed in line with the exit of the curves.
    • Aerodynamics: it is ideal to configure it at 5-8 with the rear being exactly 8 the decent load and that allows us to have the possibility of carrying out a rhythm and speed according to F1 2021.
    • Suspension: it is possible to configure it from 3-4 for the front stabilizer bars, while 7-7 for the rear bars, and the driving place it at 3-7.
    • Suspension geometry: we can set the front camber at 2.50 and the rear at 2.00, in addition to the front toe at 0.06.
    • Brakes: These should be set at 97 percent while the brake bias should be at 56 percent.
    • Tires: We can do some settings and we can put the front ones at 21.4 psi, on the other side, the rear ones at 23.5 psi.


     In this sense, knowing the best Setup for the French Grand Prix is ​​usually a task to be executed, this due to the modifications that F1 2021 has had.

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