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We have made a guide where we will explain How to Get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring?

The Rogier Sorcerer Armor Set, also known as the "Spellblade Set", is a highly coveted outfit in Elden Ring, not only for its elegant aesthetics, but also for its benefits that increase magic and weapon skills. This set is perfect for those who prefer a playstyle based on sorcery and magic.

How to Get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring?

Quick Method: For the impatient looking for a quick way to get the set, follow these steps:

  • Progress through the main story until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes and complete Caria Manor.
  • Find Ranni in Ranni's Rise and swear loyalty as her vassal.
  • Return to the Round Table and speak to Rogier. He will tell you that he is about to enter a deep sleep.
  • Rest twice anywhere or progress through the main story. Return to Rogier and you'll find him lifeless. Next to his body will be his armor set, letter, and bell.
  • Completing Rogier's questline: If you're interested in digging deeper into the game's story and completing side quests, I recommend following Rogier's questline:

Please note: Do not talk to Ranni before starting these steps:

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  • Talk to Rogier at the Round Table. He'll ask you to find an item in Stormveil Castle.
  • Head to Stormveil Castle and look for the courtyard filled with jars.
  • Outside the courtyard, there's a ledge that allows you to jump to a secret path. Fight a Lesser Cankered Tree Spirit.
  • After defeating the boss, continue to the room with the face on the ground. Touch the blood stain in front of it to reveal a memory.
  • Return to Rogier and he'll tell you about the Black Knives conspiracy.
  • Talk to Fia at the Round Table about the Black Knives. She'll give you the location of the Black Knife Catacombs.
  • Defeat the secret boss in the Black Knife Catacombs to obtain the Black Knife Imprint.
  • Give the item to Rogier and he will ask you to speak to Ranni.
  • Talk to Ranni and the questline will end the same way, with Rogier passing away at the Round Table.

Warlock Rogier Armor Set Details


  • Spellblade Pointed Hat
  • Spellblade Traveling Attire
  • Magic Sword Gloves
  • Magic Sword Pants


  • Increases the effectiveness of magical Ashes of War and weapon skills.
  • Ideal for builds with a focus on magic (prioritizing Intelligence).
  • Useful in early areas of the game.
  • Can be combined with Rogier's Rapier and a magic staff to mimic his playstyle.

Note: Even if you complete Rogier's questline, it is not necessary to give him the Black Knife Imprint to obtain his armor set.


  • If you are fighting Rogier in his summoned spirit form during the battle against Margit, you can use the NPC summon "Wolf's Blood" to help you defeat him.
  • Pay attention to the clues and Rogier's dialogues during his questline, as they reveal important information about the game's story.
  • The Rogier Sorcerer Armor Set is a relatively light set, making it suitable for characters who want to maintain good mobility.

I hope this complete guide was helpful to you in obtaining the Rogier Sorcerer Armor Set in Elden Ring.

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