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The action in Elden Ring doesn't stop, which brings us to where to find Gargoyle’s Black Halberd.

What to know about Gargoyle's black halberd in Elden Ring?

  It is one of the many types of weapons that we can have in the game, which can cause sacred damage and that we access with our progress, now to know where to find it, let's see the following content to guide us.

Where to find Gargoyle's black halberd in Elden Ring?

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Through the bosses some of the weapons fall, which can be those that are part of the main story or the optional ones, through Black Blade Kindred we obtain this black halberd from Gargoyle, for this we will go to Bestial Sanctum, at the entrance we find the enemy to face who is an optional boss, when we have defeated him he will drop this weapon and other elements, the capabilities that this weapon has are skill, strength and faith, the Spinning Slash is his best card for power and its upgrade requires Smithing Stones.

  In this way we finish our Elden Ring guide, now you know where to find Gargoyle's black halberd, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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