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Elden Ring offers us many artifacts and for this reason it is necessary to know how to obtain Ensha's royal remains armor set.

What does it mean to get Ensha's Royal Remnants armor set in Elden Ring?

Having the opportunity to acquire a particular armor, this considering that most players usually refer to Ensha as a Lord of the edge and manage to become one of these lords with said armor, in this sense, knowing how to obtain the set of armor of real remains of Ensha, so that it is necessary to take care of carrying out some searches and particular tasks to achieve this goal.

How to get Ensha's Royal Remains armor set in Elden Ring?

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This is a quest that leads us to take care of finding Hailgtree's secret medallion half, only executing this quest usually triggers a fight with Ensha and usually happens precisely the next time we return to Roundtable Hold, so it becomes necessary to take care of it to find the location of the secret medallion and for this it is necessary to consider that there are two halves in Elden Ring, however, generating this combat only requires one half.

In the middle of this task to know how to obtain the Ensha royal remains armor set, it is necessary to look for the right medallion, this is usually located south of Liurnia, which makes it necessary to climb the hill, this is usually done from the Site de Gracia from Village of the Albinaurics, here we are allowed to visualize a large pot which it is necessary to hit, this will make him start talking before transforming into Albus, once the dialogue is over it will be Albus precisely who Give us half of the medallion we're looking for.

While we are executing this quest in Elden Ring there is the possibility to take the left side of the medallion that is usually in the Sol Castle and this one is in the Top of the Mountain, but in order to do it we will have to fight a bit, which implies:

  •  Defeat the two shard carriers.
  • Defeat Morgot.
  • Beat Niall.


 Knowing how to obtain Ensha's royal remains armor set is without a doubt a necessary task and once we have managed to get half of the medallion we will have to return to Roundtable Hold, we will see that this area is usually a little darker, also It is usually desolate and this is where we will receive a notification indicating that Ensha is invading, in this sense, it is necessary to consider:


  •  This enemy in Elden Ring usually moves pretty fast.
  • He usually has a fast melee attack.
  • He only has a ranged attack.
  • Very rarely does he conjure magic orbs to shoot us.


In this sense, it is necessary to take care of eliminating Ensha and once we have done so, we are allowed to be teleported to our own world where this enemy used to be and choose to claim their respective armor.

 Now that you know how to get Ensha's Royal Remains armor set we are allowed to embark on a fight that is only available to take on in Elden Ring.

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