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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-16 17:18:27

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We continue to search in Elden Ring and this time we will tell you where to find all the Bloodhound Knights, let's see.

Who are the bloodhound knights in Elden Ring?

  These are a type of enemy that we get in this game and that have the ability to move extremely fast, so it is necessary to know where to find all the Bloodhound Knights, in addition, we must bear in mind that these types of enemies are usually Fearsome enough that we won't be interested in running into each other until we're prepared, however, we must aim to defeat them and we're here to give you more details on that.

Where to find all Bloodhound Knights in Elden Ring?

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Limgrave: this is the first place that we must take care of visiting and where we will get a knight in the form of a boss, this is Bloodhound Knight, this is a boss that has a chain of Blaidd missions, but we do not necessarily have to defeat him, there is the possibility to challenge him by entering the Midlands and get the Bloodhound Fang from him.

Liurnia: this is another place to which it is necessary to move, which makes it necessary to reach Stormveil Castle and this is usually home to a good number of magical beings, as well as deadly enemies, once we reach the lake it is necessary to continue to the western cliffs to continue to the crystal cave that is usually next to the lake and follow the cave to the bottom where we will meet Bloodhound Knight face to face and he will be ready to knock us down, in this case it is necessary to defeat him and for this we must having the cerulean medallion, by knocking him down we get the invocation ashes.

 This is all we know about where to find all Bloodhound Knights, you just have to embark on this quest and thus continue to progress in Elden Ring.

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