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We are still immersed in the searches through Elden Ring and for this reason we will tell you how to find Helphen's Steeple tower.

What is Helphen Steeple in Elden Ring?

This is another of the weapons that is usually present in this game and that is nothing more than a sword whose main objective is intelligence, it is a weapon that usually adds magic and tends to catch fire, it can incorporate cold damage in periods of time quite short, also usually has an ability called Rainous Ghostflame.

How to find Helphen's Steeple in Elden Ring?

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This is a weapon that is usually obtained late in this game and this search implies having to go to the Top of the Giant Mountain, in this sense it is necessary to embark on a task that leads us to go to the Capital City to defeat Morgo, doing so allows us to get a particular activity and this usually consists of going to the top of the mountain to receive the medallion for Melina's elevator.


  •  It becomes necessary to take care of leaving the city through the big door that is usually located northeast of the main road,
  • Then, we will have to reach the great Rold Elevator and when we reach the cinema, head northwest.
  • It is good to keep in mind that along the river we are allowed to see an area of ​​the ground that tends to rise and this allows us to climb the cliff.
  • Following the cliff is a necessary task because it will take us to the cemetery that is located to the northwest where we are allowed to get Tibia Mariner, we must defeat it in order to receive the weapon as a reward.


 Now that you know how to find Helphen's Steeple, you can give yourself the opportunity to embark on this quest that only Elden Ring has for you.

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