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In Elden Ring there are many things to do and if you don't know where to find Miranda flower, just read on.

What is Miranda flower in Elden Ring?

These are a couple of bosses that are much tougher than the small bosses. In order to face these two bosses, you will want to know where to find Miranda's flower, which we will address below for you.

Where to find Miranda flower in Elden Ring? - Wailing Peninsula

This is an area you'll be able to get under the Limgrave, and it's usually the second region you'll go to after completing the Limgrave. There will be enemies here with the same strength as Limgrave's and upon reaching this place you will have to head to the western side of the region, southeast of the Fourth Church of Marika, to find the Tombsward Cave.

The boss in this area is Miranda the Blighted Bloom, who you must kill to get the Viridian Amber Medallion.
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Where to find Miranda flower in Elden Ring? - Altus Plateau

Miranda Flower's second boss will have a deadly Omenkiller fighting alongside him. You can find them at the end of the Perfumer's Grotto dungeon in Altus Plateau, on the left side of the door that leads inside the outer wall of the capital city. You will have to advance along the path that is on the left to access the cave that is behind the Flower of Miranda.

Eliminating both bosses will net you the Great Omen Killer Cleaver, one of the two Omenkiller Cleavers in the game.

Where to find Miranda flower in Elden Ring? - Miranda Flower's Bosses

In order to take down these enemies, you'll need to avoid the poison they spray around the arena. Plus, if you get close or stand there, Mirando Flowers will push you back.

The final attack is a cascade of white lightning that will rain down around you. There is an AOE you can get out of before the attack starts. The Omenkiller will follow you around the battlefield, making ax moves and slam attacks that you can easily dodge.

The strategy to defeat these enemies is to get close, attack several times, and then back off. All this while naturally avoiding being hit by an attack. As for the duo fight, you will have to take down Omenkiller first. Make sure to avoid his attacks and summon a spirit to help you.

You can deal with Miranda's flowers using fire, to light her up and avoid the attack.

That's all you need to know about where to find Miranda flower in Elden Ring, so we hope we've been as helpful as possible, so you can finish off these enemies quickly.

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