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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-16 15:52:48

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Elden Ring offers us another quest, let's see where to find all Crucible Knights.

What is the point of finding all Crucible Knights in Elden Ring?

  Having the opportunity to embark on a necessary quest that is only available in this game, in this sense, knowing where to find all the Knights of the Crucible leads us to embark on a quest for knights who are strong enough and usually move with great ease. , before they can fall they must receive many blows, in any case it is necessary to take care of defeating them even when they can be highly tough enemies.

Where to find all Crucible Knights in Elden Ring?

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Limgrave: this is a search that is usually done in Limgrave, which makes it necessary to make it clear that these knights are the strongest that we will get in the Middle Lands, in this sense, we must start a search that will take us to Stormgate, we must go up to the hill, when we get there we will turn left and go south where we get an Evergaol that we must use to teleport to the Cricuble Knight boss arena and where it is necessary to take care of defeating the knight to get the crucible aspects, tail enchantment.

Fallen: in this arid landscape we can enter to know where to find all the Knights of the Crucible and in this case it is necessary to move to the southeast where we will get the Redmane Castle, which is nothing more than the home of one of these bosses and the place where they usually take out the Radahn Festival, while the festival is not running we must go to the chamber of the Grace Site of the Plaza in order to access the boss fight against a knight of the Crucible and it is nothing more than the Misbegotten Warrior where we must defeat them both and thus get Ruins Greatsword.

In the Outskirts of the capital: this is another place that we can visit and that allows us to continue with our task to know where to find all the Knights of the Crucible, so it is necessary to move north of Altus Plateau in Elden Ring where they are usually a couple of Crucible knights, these are usually quite complicated and are housed in the tomb of the hero of Auriza on the outskirts of the capital, going through this dungeon is a bit difficult due to the fact that there are usually carts wandering through the corridors, but this does not That's all, because here we will also have to take care of fighting the Crucible Knight Ordovis boss, a battle that is usually quite difficult due to the large sword that this boss has.

Deep depths: this is another place where it is necessary to look in Elden Ring and it is where we will have the final fight with the boss Crucible Knight Siluria, this is usually quite tough and has the ability to wield a spear, we must take care of defeating him because doing so will give you a powerful spear which is usually great for PvP and PvE play.

 Now that you know where to find all Crucible Knights it's time to get involved in this quest that you can only run in Elden Ring.

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