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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-07 01:10:44

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Riddles are essential in Dying Light 2 and this leads us today to explain how to solve Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle.

What is the Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle in Dying Light 2?

This is another of the tasks with which we achieve ourselves in this game and that it is usually necessary to execute it, only that we must be quite careful because there is a flooded underground section that can be quite complicated, so knowing how to solve Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle sends us to work even though this is not necessarily a story mission, but in the same way it is necessary to complete it.

How to solve Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle in Dying Light 2?

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Solving this puzzle involves taking care of entering the installation and for this we must disconnect and connect the A/B power outlet to the generators that are usually in front of both doors, only this can be said easy, but when put into practice it can be somewhat more complex, however, when we get to enter we will see the power outlet "1", which has the letter C written on it, it is easy to turn on the generator, only this is not usually done yet, but it is usually an excellent clue to access the second generator that we need to place above.

It is our job to take the cable to take it to the generator that is labeled C on the first floor and that allows us to open the door of the generator above labeled as 2, in the same way we are allowed to separate and then jump to the underground level that usually be flooded and that is where the generator we require is usually located.

We continue to progress to learn how to solve Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle, but be very careful, because once we turn on the water, it will obviously be charged with electricity, which makes it necessary to take care of making use of the ventilation duct of the wall that is usually located behind us, to go through it, then we will go to the left to take care of jumping through the floating boxes in order to get to safety.

To continue the progress in Dying Light 2, it is necessary to go up the elevator in order to reach the control room and restart the "Electric Station", then, we will assign the "Peacekeepers" or the "Survivors".

 In this sense, knowing how to solve Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle offers us the opportunity to get involved in a very complex but necessary task in Dying Light 2.

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