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Discover effective strategies on How to Increase Scout Rate in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, capturing monsters is a key aspect of the game. To increase your chances of successful captures, it's important to understand how scout rates work and employ certain strategies. In this guide, we'll explore various methods to boost your scout rate and maximize your monster-catching potential.

How to Increase Scout Rate in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince


Enhance Physical Damage and Decrease Defense

One of the most effective ways to increase your scout rate is by focusing on attacking monsters with higher physical damage. When you deal more damage to a monster, it becomes more likely to be impressed by your strength and join your team. In order to achieve this, it's important to have a team of monsters with high attack stats and powerful skills.

In addition to enhancing your physical damage, decreasing the defense of a target monster can also improve your chances of capturing it. Skills or abilities that lower the defense of a monster can make it easier to scout. It's worth investing in monsters with skills that can debuff the defense of your target, increasing your scout rate.

Boost Attacks and Cause Debuffs

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Another method to increase your scout rate is to utilize skills or abilities that enhance your attacks. Buffing your attack power can make it easier to defeat monsters, increasing your chances of successfully capturing them. Look for monsters with skills that can boost your attack or provide damage multipliers to make your attacks more effective.

Additionally, inflicting debuffs on the target monster can lower its resistance, increasing the likelihood of a successful capture. Skills that can debuff the target's resistance or decrease their evasion can significantly improve your scout rate. These debuffs make it easier for your attacks to connect and weaken the monster's defenses, making it more susceptible to being scouted.

 Participate in Tournaments or Boss Battle

Engaging in tournaments or challenging powerful bosses can indirectly influence how other monsters perceive you. By showcasing your skills and defeating formidable opponents, you gain respect and improve your chances of successfully scouting monsters. This increased respect makes other monsters more willing to join your team.

Participating in tournaments or boss battles not only provides an opportunity to increase your scout rate but also allows you to gain valuable experience and rewards. These battles can help you level up your monsters, making them stronger and more capable of capturing even more powerful creatures.

 Consider Stat Inclinations

Before initiating an attack, it's important to check the stat inclination of the target monster. Stat inclination refers to the preferred stats of a monster, such as whether it leans towards physical or magical abilities. Aligning your strategy with the monster's stat inclination provides an advantage when trying to capture it.

For example, if a monster has a strong inclination towards physical attacks, it's best to focus on using physical skills and abilities to increase your scout rate. Recruiting multiple monsters with the same stat inclination can further enhance your chances, as they can synergize with each other and maximize their effectiveness in battle.

Beware of Failed Capture Attempts

Failed capture attempts may decrease your scout rate as they can irritate the target monster. When a monster is irritated, it becomes harder to capture, making future scouting attempts more challenging. It's important to aim for successful captures whenever possible to maintain a high scout rate.

To avoid failed capture attempts, ensure that you have a team of monsters with high accuracy and skills that can increase your chances of landing successful captures. Pay attention to the health and status conditions of the target monster to time your capture attempts strategically. It's also beneficial to have monsters with skills that can increase your chances of successful captures.

 Utilize Status Conditions and Favorite Foods

Certain status conditions can increase a monster's willingness to join your team. For example, putting a monster to sleep can make it more inclined to be scouted. Utilize skills or abilities that can inflict sleep or other favorable status conditions to improve your scout rate.

Feeding monsters their favorite food also improves their affinity towards you and boosts scout rate chances. Each monster has its own favorite food, and feeding them this delicacy increases their likelihood of joining your team. Pay attention to the preferences of the monsters you encounter and make sure to have their favorite food on hand to improve your chances of successful scouting.

 Synthesizing as a Reset

It's important to keep in mind that synthesizing monsters can reset the scout rate. Synthesizing involves combining two monsters to create a new, more powerful one. While this can be a useful strategy for capturing specific monsters, it's important to plan accordingly.

If you have been working on increasing the scout rate of a particular monster, be aware that synthesizing it may reset your progress. Consider the pros and cons of synthesizing before making any decisions. It's recommended to prioritize capturing monsters before considering synthesizing them.

Increasing your scout rate in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince is crucial for efficiently capturing monsters. By focusing on strategies such as enhancing physical damage, decreasing defense, boosting attacks, and utilizing stat inclinations, you can greatly improve your chances of adding powerful creatures to your team. Remember to be mindful of failed capture attempts and leverage status conditions or favorite foods to increase affinity. With these guidelines in mind, you'll be well-equipped to become a master monster scout.

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