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2022-07-07 08:19:36

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Today we bring a DNF Duel guide where we will tell you about all the health values.

What to know about all the health values in DNF Duel?

  This is nothing more than a compilation of information from some Arc Sytems Worlks titles, so it is necessary to take into account that in this we have a number of 16 different characters, each of these characters usually appears representing a type of role, above all, this is a task that is usually more interesting because not all characters usually have the same health values.

What are all the health values in DNF Duel?

  It should be noted that the characters here usually have health that ranges from 850 to 1100, not necessarily all of them should have the same number, this makes the game much more interesting and challenging.

  Here are the health values of the characters:

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  • Inquisitor: 850
  • Sorceress: 850
  • Speed Master: 850
  • Front: 900
  • Kunoichi: 900
  • Ghost Edge: 900
  • Dragon Knight: 900
  • Launcher: 900
  • Ranger: 950
  • Berserker: 950
  • Fighter: 1050
  • Hitman: 1000
  • Vanguard: 1000
  • Troubleshooter: 1050
  • Crusader: 1100
  • Lost Warrior: 1000


  It is necessary to take into account that each character usually has the ability to regenerate a different value of MP per second, being Berserker and Gappler that reaches 18, in the case of Dragon Knight, Enchantress, Lost Warrior and Troubleshooter they can regenerate with 15, while the rest of the characters usually reach a 12, it is unique that it has the ability to regenerate 30 MP per second is Dragon Knight during his awakened state.

  Now that you know all the health values, you know which characters are stronger and more skilled in DNF Duel.

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