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Once you've reached the required friendship level with Anna, she'll reward you with a valuable recipe for upgrading your Royal Shovel. This recipe will require specific materials such as softwood, hardwood, iron ingots, and tinkering parts. Prepare yourself for an exciting crafting adventure!

Step 3: Craft the Shovel Blade

With the recipe in hand, make your way to the nearest Crafting Station. Gather all the required materials mentioned in the recipe and get ready to transform your ordinary shovel into a powerful tool. The crafting process may vary slightly depending on the game's mechanics, but follow Anna's recipe closely to ensure success.

Step 4: Apply the Shovel Upgrade

Once you've crafted the Shovel Blade, locate it in your Inventory. Click on the item and select the "Use" option to apply the upgrade to your shovel. Congratulations! Your shovel is now enhanced and ready for stump removal duty. Feel the power in your hands as you prepare to clear away those persistent stumps.

Step 5: Break Tree Stumps

Now equipped with your upgraded shovel, go forth and conquer those stubborn tree stumps. Whenever you encounter a stump blocking your path, simply approach it and use your enhanced shovel to break it apart effortlessly. Enjoy the satisfaction of watching those obstacles crumble before you, clearing the way for new adventures.

Step 6: Enjoy New Biomes and Faster Wood Harvesting

By removing tree stumps, you'll not only open up access to previously inaccessible areas but also unlock the Forest of Valor biome. This expansion will introduce you to new landscapes, creatures, and treasures. Additionally, with the removal of stumps, wood harvesting becomes faster and more efficient, allowing you to gather resources for crafting and building with ease.

Now that you know how to remove stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it's time to upgrade your shovel, complete Anna's Friendship quest, and clear those blockages in the Forest of Valor. With your enhanced tool and newfound abilities, you'll embark on new adventures, uncover hidden secrets, and experience the magic that awaits within this enchanting world. So, grab your shovel and get ready to let the magic flow through you as you explore Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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