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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-13 15:50:47

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The games offer various tasks to perform and that is why we will tell you how to make hot chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What is involved in making hot chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  Embarking on a manufacturing process that makes it necessary to gather certain ingredients and thus cook new recipes, this is part of the meals that we have in this game and that we can take advantage of.

How to make hot chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  This is a 3-star recipe for which we must count on:
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  • 1 sugar cane: this can be bought at Goofy's stand in Dazzle Beach, we only have 25 star coins, in case of not having the amount, we will have to buy sugar cane seeds that cost 5 star coins and cultivate them.
  • 1 cocoa bean: this ingredient is obtained by exploring the Sunlit Plateau of Trsut Biomes, we must have a foraging role partner, the coconut is searched for in light green leaves, it is bought in the pantry of Chez Remy, only this purchase is usually have a value of 72 star coins.
  • 1 Milk: we can buy a carton of milk in the Chez Remy pantry, only to do so we must have 230 star coins.


  We must add these ingredients to the stove along with coal.


  Making hot chocolate allows:


  •   Restore 1,563 energy after consuming.
  • We can sell this recipe for a value of 401 stars and this can be done at any Goofy stall.
  • This is a recipe that we can use to increase friendship.7


  In this sense, knowing how to make hot chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley allows us to access another recipe and thus continue exploring this game.

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