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Discover the secrets to How To Get Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley and enhance your magical experience.

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, a world filled with enchantment and adventure! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain the precious Oasis Glass, a crucial item that will unlock new areas and help you complete quests. Grab your trusty Royal Shovel, and let's dive into the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Get Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Section 1: Digging for Oasis Glass

To begin your search for Oasis Glass, make your way to Glittering Dunes in Eternity Isle. This sandy paradise is where you will find the coveted gem buried beneath the surface. Equip your Royal Shovel and get ready to dig!

Using your Royal Shovel, explore various locations in Glittering Dunes and start digging. The process might seem tedious, but remember, patience is key. While the chances of finding Oasis Glass are low, don't lose hope! Keep digging, and the rewards will come.

Section 2: Boosting Your Success Rate

To increase your chances of finding Oasis Glass, consider bringing a character with a high level of the Digging role. Characters with specialized skills in digging will speed up the process and improve your success rate.

Accumulating Oasis Glass is crucial to your quest. Strive to gather at least 10 pieces of Oasis Glass. This might require multiple digging sessions, but the more Oasis Glass you collect, the closer you'll be to unlocking its full potential.

As you accumulate Oasis Glass, consider crafting a Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion. This potion will enhance your digging abilities and increase your chances of finding Oasis Glass. It's a valuable tool that will prove indispensable on your journey.

Section 3: The Timebending Table

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To unlock the secrets of Oasis Glass, you must complete The Sands in the Hourglass quest. Upon completing this quest, you will gain access to the Timebending Table, a mystical artifact that holds the key to harnessing the power of Oasis Glass.

Head over to the Timebending Table and search for the recipe to create the Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion. This recipe will guide you in utilizing the Oasis Glass you have accumulated to create this potent elixir. Prepare to be amazed by the wonders that await!

Creating the Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion requires 10 pieces of Oasis Glass and 500 Mist. Mist can be obtained through various quests and activities within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you have gathered the required resources, follow the recipe and create the potion.

Section 4: Breaking Glass Stalagmite

The Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion is not just another item in your inventory; it plays a crucial role in Merlin's friendship quest. This powerful elixir will enable you to break the Glass Stalagmites scattered throughout Glittering Dunes.

By breaking these stalagmites, you will clear passages to previously inaccessible areas. Hidden secrets, treasures, and new adventures await beyond these barriers. The Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion will be your key to unlocking these hidden wonders.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to obtain Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Remember to equip your Royal Shovel, gather the required Oasis Glass, create the Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion, and embark on exciting adventures alongside Merlin. Enjoy exploring new areas, uncovering hidden secrets, and immersing yourself in the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. May your journey be filled with enchantment, and may you discover the true power of Oasis Glass. Happy digging!

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