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The action in Diablo Immortal does not stop, which leads us to tell you How to change skills.

What to know about skills in Diablo Immortal?

This is something important for the game, while survival is sought this represents something very useful to achieve it, in some cases depending on the situation we must change the skills, having some doubts about how to do it we have in this guide some details that will support us when respect and these are the following.

How to change skills in Diablo Immortal?

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    We find that we have 6 classes within our reach, where each one of them has its specific abilities, starting from the enemy that we will face, it is possible to have to change them, because there is no effectiveness of some depending on the type of enemy, to make the change we will go to the menu, we choose skills, then the skills we have learned are presented and we can choose which one we are going to equip, it is very important to add more skills as we progress, through the Hotbar we have to choose the skill to move it, pressing on the option change slot, then we will give you the one in which we want to move, it is necessary to equip one in main attack and four at the same time is possible.

      Finally, now that we know how to change skills we can move on to Diablo Immortal.

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