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2024-05-28 20:36:09

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Get Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4 with specific details.

One of the many ways to improve your character in Diablo 4 is by using scattering prisms. Imagine you find a weapon that uses Godrolls and upgrade it to a Masterpiece. You can go even further by adding an output using a prism diffuser. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to find. However, I have good news: there are several ways to make Scattered Prisms drop more frequently, and in some cases even 100%, in Diablo 4.

How To Get Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4?

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Let's get straight to the point. If you want to farm scattered prisms in Diablo 4, you should use the following sources:

  • Kill the treasure goblin
  • kill the butcher
  • Defeat world bosses
  • Seasonal reputation table (e.g. Iron Wolves)
  • The tearing apart of the devil, especially the elite

Of the sources mentioned, Scattered Prisms will definitely only come from two sources: The Butcher and the world boss. Of course, Butcher is a rare case, so that leaves out the world bosses. World bosses have their own problems, as they only appear every 3.5 hours (it's easy to keep track of the world boss counter in Wowhead). At world levels 1 and 2, the world boss drops a broken prism, and at world levels 3 and 4, he is two and three respectively. Since this is guaranteed, world bosses are one of the best ways to get scattered prisms.

Well, you can control Nightmare Dungeons, kill demons in Hell Waves, and even the Abyss. All three regularly feature demons and elite bosses that must be defeated. You may even encounter treasure elves, who have a 30% chance to drop prism scatters. Before you go, I want to mention one more resource: reputation boards. So far, every season has had one, including season 4. For example, the Iron Wolf rewards the Iron Wolf Chest, which contains a Scattered Prism, a reward that can be obtained by multiple characters. When you finally get the scattered prism in Diablo 4, save it. Don't waste it on low-end equipment. Only use them on level 925 equipment, which will not drop until you reach world level 4.

Finally, now that we have covered getting scattered prisms, we just have to do it based on these instructions in this guide and enjoy while we progress in this incredible game.

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