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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to get Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4.

Selig's Warm Heart is one of the most powerful talismans in this new season of Diablo 4, as it is an Uber-exclusive item. Here's how to get it. Uber-exclusive items like Selig's Warm Heart are one of the best ways to improve your build and maximize your damage and defense in Season 4. When Blizzard increased the drop rate of these items, it made targeted farming more fun than ever.

How to get Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4?

Since Selig's Warm Heart is an Uber-exclusive item, the only way to get it is to compete in World Tier 4. Enemies level 85 or higher will often drop unique Uber items, but keep in mind that the drop is very low. Thanks to the presence of Uber bosses in Season 4, you can also earn Selig's Warm Hearts by completing certain farming tasks.

Uber Duriel and Andariel are the last two bosses that drop Uber-exclusive items, so farming them multiple times is a great way to get this item as loot. Keep in mind, though, that this probably won't be an easy task, because even Uber bosses will need a lot of time. So if you really want Uber Uniques, make sure you're willing to put in a lot of hours of work.

Selig's Molten Heart Unique Modifier and Effect in Diablo 4 Season 4.

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Below are the unique accessories and effects of Selig's Molten Heart:

  • All stats have been buffed.
  • Increases damage of basic skills.
  • Increases damage when healthy.
  • Increased resource generation

Unique Effect: You gain up to 60 resources. When you take damage, 75% is depleted as 2 resources for every 1% of maximum health lost.

When to use Selig's Molten Heart in Diablo 4?

If your build relies heavily on your main resource, such as the Necromancer's Bone Spear or the Ancient Barbarians' Hammer, then Selig's Melted Heart can deal quite a bit of damage in this case, because it uses this resource to create a protective barrier around you.

However, Wizard builds, while mana-reliant, can make good use of this Uber Unique, as they need every defensive advantage available, as this class suffers greatly due to low blood volume. Since late-game modes like The Pit are a grueling challenge for low-health classes, an extra barrier can help a lot.

Now that you know the way to get Selig's Melted Heart in Diablo 4, you can take it upon yourself to hunt for this exclusive item - give it a try.

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