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Destrucción AllStars has already been released and now that it has been released, it will be very valuable to know how to hit other players, which we will tell you here.

What is Destrucción AllStars about?

This is the vehicle combat video game developed by Lucid Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, for PlayStation 5 users on February 2, 2021. The game gives you the ability to get out of the vehicle and use hand-to-hand combat to finish with other players, so now that it's been released you'll want to know how to do it.

How to beat other players in Destrucción AllStars?

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    First you have to keep in mind that to hit other players, they will both have to be out of their vehicles. And it's not exactly about hitting, but about breaking into your opponent. To do this you will have to press the "square" button in front of your opponent. Although you can also change the control from the Options in the menu, select Keybinds> Barge and you can change the default button.

    Now that you know how to hit other players in Destrucción AllStars, you can try this combat method too, we just don't recommend using it directly towards vehicles, but towards opponents outside it.

    PlayStation 5 PS5
    Vehicular combat
    Lucid Games
    Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    2 February 2021
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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