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Fortnite has managed to involve us in enough challenges, and it is pertinent to talk to you about where to destroy sofas, beds or chairs, let's see.

Why destroy sofas, beds or chairs in Fortnite?

It is evident that this game has managed to embark on multiple challenges, but knowing where to destroy sofas, beds or chairs simply makes us take care of getting involved in a legendary mission, for this it is vital to locate places where these objects abound and achieve other objectives in this game It has simply occupied us for a long time.

Where to destroy sofas, beds or chairs in Fortnite?

This is a task that we can perfectly carry out in some places in Sweaty Sands, which brings us into a challenge where we manage to get some considerable amount of electrical appliances by specifically choosing to destroy sofas, beds or chairs, in this way there is a place to which It is possible to go, and it is the "butter barn", or at least in its vicinity there are spaces covered with furniture, and it is precisely on these sides where it is usually possible to achieve our objective, the detail is that this activity is not usually done in just once, which leads us to plan a return.
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This challenge is somewhat complex, because here there is an amount of experience distributed according to the number of pieces that we manage to destroy, it occurs in pairs of 20, 40, 60 and 80, but getting the final reward makes us have to reach a Total of 100 pieces of furniture to be destroyed, which makes us carry out this activity more than once and in this way achieve the objective, fortunately this place where we are going has furniture in quantity, what we need is time.

 This challenge is part of some cool things we achieve in this game:

  • Epic missions have been incorporated.
  • There is the option that fans can make use of consumables.
  • It is possible to choose to eliminate IO guards.
  • This task allows us to have the opportunity to earn XP, because here there are a number of coins that can grant it.
  • The doors are open to access the battle pass of the season.

In this sense, knowing where to destroy sofas, beds or chairs allows us to choose to work hard to increase XP and thus have the possibility of accessing a higher level in Fortnite.

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