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Master the art of How To Get Wishing Glass in Destiny 2 with our step-by-step guide.

Destiny 2 offers a myriad of exciting activities for players to engage in, and one such activity is The Coil. Within this activity, players have the opportunity to obtain a valuable seasonal item known as Wishing Glass. In this guide, we will outline the steps you need to follow to obtain Wishing Glass and make the most of your experience in Destiny 2.

How to Get Wishing Glass in Destiny 2

Objective: Breaking Open the Vase

The first step in obtaining Wishing Glass in The Coil is to break open a vase that is located between you and Riven, the final boss of the activity. As you approach the vase, prepare yourself for the burst of energy that accompanies its opening. Once the vase breaks, you'll notice small red and white triangle-shaped objects scattered on the ground around it. These objects are none other than the coveted Wishing Glass pieces.

Finding Hidden Vases

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While the initial vase may provide some Wishing Glass, the best way to increase your collection is by finding hidden vases scattered throughout The Coil. These hidden vases can be found behind foliage, tucked away in corners, or even concealed within small caves. It's important to keep a keen eye and explore every nook and cranny to maximize your chances of discovering these hidden treasures. Each hidden vase you find may contain Wishing Glass that contributes to your overall collection.

 Enemy Drops

As you navigate through The Coil, you will encounter various enemies that stand in your way. While defeating enemies primarily serves the purpose of progressing through the activity, it's worth noting that they may occasionally drop Wishing Glass upon their demise. These enemy drops, although smaller in quantity compared to what bosses offer, can still contribute to your collection. It's always a good idea to eliminate enemies whenever possible to increase your chances of obtaining Wishing Glass.

Boss Encounters

Boss encounters within The Coil present a prime opportunity to collect a significant amount of Wishing Glass. Bosses tend to drop larger quantities of Wishing Glass compared to regular enemies. Make sure to focus your efforts on defeating these formidable foes during your run of The Coil. By doing so, you increase your chances of obtaining a substantial amount of Wishing Glass and bolstering your collection.

Sharing Resources

In the pursuit of Wishing Glass, it's important to remember that except for the first chest you break, any other pieces of Wishing Glass that are dropped are free for anyone to pick up. This means that while you may have your sights set on a particular piece, others may swoop in and grab it before you have a chance. To ensure you secure as much Wishing Glass as possible, be quick and attentive when collecting the dropped pieces. Time is of the essence, and it's crucial to stay vigilant to maximize your collection.

Obtaining Wishing Glass in Destiny 2's The Coil activity adds an exciting layer to the gameplay experience. By breaking open vases, searching for hidden vases, defeating enemies, and focusing on boss encounters, you increase your chances of collecting this valuable resource. Remember to be quick and attentive when collecting Wishing Glass to ensure you secure as much as possible. Best of luck on your adventure, and may your collection of Wishing Glass grow evermore in Destiny 2!

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