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 Discover the ultimate guide on How To Get Peregrine Greaves in Destiny 2 and dominate the battlefield like never before.

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, offers players a wide range of Exotic Armor pieces to enhance their Guardian's abilities. Among these coveted items, the Peregrine Greaves stand out as a must-have for Titan class Guardians. With recent buffs in the Season of the Wish update, these Greaves have become even more powerful and essential for any Titan looking to dominate in battle. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining the Peregrine Greaves and how to unleash their devastating potential.

How to Get Peregrine Greaves in Destiny 2

Understanding the Power of Peregrine Greaves

The Peregrine Greaves are a unique Exotic Armor piece that can only be obtained through Exotic Engrams or rare world drops from Ritual Activities like Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible. These Greaves possess a special ability called Peregrine Strike, which grants bonus damage on airborne shoulder charge attacks. However, it is important to note that after the Season of the Wish update, the special ability now requires a longer airborne time before it applies. This change adds a new layer of strategy and precision to utilizing these Greaves effectively.

 Obtaining Peregrine Greaves

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To acquire a pair of Peregrine Greaves, your best bet is to farm Exotic Engrams or participate in Ritual Activities such as Vanguard strikes, Gambit matches, or Crucible matches. These activities offer a chance to earn powerful rewards, including Exotic Engrams. Additionally, keep an eye out for powerful enemies or bosses, as they have a higher chance of dropping Exotic Engrams. Completing weekly milestones and activities that offer powerful rewards can also increase your chances of obtaining these coveted Greaves. Patience and persistence will be key in your quest to acquire the Peregrine Greaves.

Unleashing the Power

Once you've obtained the Peregrine Greaves, it's time to put them to good use. The key to maximizing their potential lies in utilizing shoulder charge attacks while airborne. The increased damage output from Peregrine Strike can quickly dispatch tough enemies or deal significant damage to bosses. However, due to the Season of the Wish update, you'll need to spend a slightly longer amount of time airborne for the special ability to activate. This change requires Titans to adjust their playstyle and timing to ensure they make the most of the Greaves' devastating power.

 Synergizing with Titan Abilities

In addition to the bonus damage on airborne shoulder charge attacks, the Peregrine Greaves also provide another valuable benefit. When damaging enemies with a Shoulder Charge, the Greaves refund melee energy, giving you increased survivability and sustained damage potential. To fully capitalize on this synergy, incorporate the Greaves' special ability into your Titan's playstyle. Chain Shoulder Charges and melee attacks to maximize your damage output and ensure that you always have enough melee energy at your disposal. Experiment with different subclasses and skill combinations to find the perfect synergy between your Titan abilities and the Peregrine Greaves.

For Titan class Guardians seeking to enhance their arsenal, acquiring a pair of Peregrine Greaves is an absolute must. These Exotic Armor pieces offer unparalleled power, especially after the Season of the Wish update. With increased damage on airborne shoulder charge attacks, longer airborne time requirements, and bonus melee energy refund, the Peregrine Greaves provide an edge in any battle. So, go forth, Titans, and unleash your devastating might with these incredible greaves! Remember, patience and perseverance are key in obtaining the Peregrine Greaves, but the rewards are worth the effort. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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