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Guide to learn how to get the secret triumph in Festival Of The Lost 2020 in Destiny 2

 Destiny 2 has a tradition of celebrating the Festival of the Lost where it usually contains a secret triumph. It's usually hidden behind some strange mechanic, and it's only revealed when a player manages to do it by accident. This year this surprise was revealed and if you want to obtain it, see that you will have to meet many conditions of which we will explain below in the guide that we have prepared for you.

How to get the secret triumph in Festival Of The Lost 2020 in Destiny 2?

You will need to obtain and use 45 encryption decoders. If you do not know what it is, then the encryption decoders are random drops when completing activities in the game, such as Crucible matches, strikes or patrols. You can even get them as possible world drops. The knockdown rate was painfully low at the start of the event, but it has improved a couple of times in recent game times.
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    You will need to take the cipher decoders to the enchanted forest and open 45 of the caches with them. At the end of each run, you will find 5 caches that the encryption decoders need. You will have to do nine runs, making sure to have 5 encryption decoders each time, to complete the challenges to open 45 caches.

    After all this you will have to go visit the Spider in Tangled Shore again, and eyes with this part that is important, he will give you an object called Ascendant Lens.

    To be frank, no one knows what to do with it so far, so the rest of the challenge remains a mystery for now, so the challenge will remain with this part incomplete for now until more information about it is revealed.

      Now that you know how to get the secret triumph in Festival Of The Lost 2020 in Destiny 2 you can go one step further for the surprise that this game brings us in the next updates of the festival. Luck!

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