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2020-10-20 08:05:24

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Genshin Impact has achieved a considerable amount of players thanks to their tasks, let's see where to find the Final Ruin

What is the Final Ruin in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply an interesting search that allows us to embark on the lost treasure, found treasure, and has the possibility of being completed without major inconvenience, which simply leads us to want to know where to find the Final Ruin, especially since at this point We are familiar enough with most of the locations on the map by now that this does not seem strange but a bit daunting.
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Where to find the Final Ruin in Genshin Impact?

 This is a search that leads us to locate ourselves in Teyvat, Liyue region, an area that has the ability to hide some lost treasures, it is also full of some amount of ruins and Jade plates, which leads us in the first instance to tell with the possibility of interacting with an NPC named Soraya, in the Plains of Guili and it will be precisely this who acts as a guide since we need to go through this area to such an extent that it will be necessary to get something more in-depth through the inner assembly so , that our tour takes us specifically to know where to find the Final Ruin, being one of the furthest places in this area.

 This does not end here because it is only the first part of this interesting search in Genshin Impact, in such a way that it will be necessary to choose to talk with Soraya and this is because she chose to move to the Wangshu inn, then we embarked on the search of 4 jade plates, get them and interact with Soraya one more time, since at this point we have the possibility of locating the Final Ruin, only that this opens the way to a battle with a boss that it is necessary to defeat to finally reach our goal which is located in the north of the main Guili Assembly.

 When we arrive at the place it is possible to interact with the ruin, only this occurs precisely to unleash a fight in which it is necessary to achieve the possibility of defeating the boss and the Hilichurl who choose to attack us, since they usually act as guards of the ruin In Genshin Impact, eliminating them opens up the possibility of taking the luxurious chest and two other additional chests, taking all the loot that may be available and returning once more with Soraya, since this allows us to mark this mission as a completed task, which is not a simple task but it does allow us to have the possibility of getting some primogems.

 Definitely knowing where to find the Final Ruin is a long and somewhat cumbersome task, however it is an excellent option with which it is possible to become familiar and take useful rewards in Genshin Impact.

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