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Knowing where to find the treasure chest turns out to be a necessary activity and in this Stardew Valley guide we will explain it to you.

What are treasure chests in Stardew Valley?

These are not masks of extremely valuable items, so it is important to know where to find the treasure chest, as it simply offers the opportunity to be able to sell for a large sum of money, which is very important because this can be used to acquire other objects or necessary elements in this game, in addition that here we are presented with several places where it is possible to find them.

How to find treasure chests in Stardew Valley?

There is more than one way that we can use to achieve them and they frequently vary, as each form has some different specification, and some percentages are offered on each method used, and they are as follows:

  • Fishing: for this it is necessary to consider that there is about a 15 percent probability of obtaining a treasure chest inside a fishing chest, but if our task is to increase those possibilities to 30 percent we can use a combination of a magnet, a hunter and a pirate.
  • Buying the Artifacts: These artifacts can be bought from the desert merchant for 5 Omi Geodes as this turns out to be an interesting way to get treasure chest, in addition to having the possibility of obtaining other trophies when completing the vault package that includes the opportunity of getting the chest with Secret Note 16.

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    Where to find the treasure chest in Stardew Valley?

    Secret Note 16 turns out to be an important element in our treasure hunt, and this leads us in the first instance to having to get a type of shadow which is necessary to find while visiting the Bus Stop but that yes, it will be necessary to be careful with the time as it can only be done between 6 am and 4 pm in the winter season without exception, then go to a community center bush on the left side where we receive a magnifying glass and this will serve to obtain the secret notes when we excavate, cut some trees, we kill some monsters or we fish, it is quite a long way to get secret note 16 and it allows us to get to the train tracks in the north where our main objective will finally be.

    Once we know where to find the treasure chest and what we have with us, it is a moment to sell it, because obviously this allows us to get a considerable sum of money, but this will place us to look for a shipping container that is on the extreme side. Right from our house in the direction of the road that leads to the city since it is necessary to use it, because normally the merchants of our city are not interested in our article, perhaps because of how expensive it can be.

    This is simply all you need to know about where to find the treasure chest and what to do with it in Stardew Valley.

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