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Destiny 2: How to complete the Pendulum quest

2020-07-09 11:22:42

Our work in Destiny 2 seems to have no end, so today we decided to tell you how to complete the Pendulum quest

What is the Pendulum in Destiny 2?

This season in Destiny 2 is showing more and more interesting and this allows us to have much more to do, because the mere idea of knowing that the Pendulum is a search for growth motivates us to continue connected with this game, because here we get ourselves before the possibility of visiting 4 totally different planets, which represents a fairly long activity but that may well bring us some favorable things.

  How to complete the Pendulum quest in Destiny 2 2?

For this mission it is necessary to consider the possibility that it is necessary to have a total of 15 Savathun puppets, we will only use a public event well sea on Io or on Titan or perhaps we locate this amount between both spaces, what matters is gather the necessary amount.

Puppets can be when the Tomado bosses spawn, because it is our task to eliminate them to get them since these puppets can be very useful, but it is not only necessary to get these puppets because we must add other elements to them.

This Pendulm mission is divided into two parts exactly the first part leads us to go to io, Mercury, Mars and Titan because it is all we will have to worry about to get a total of 25 qualified light fragments that are indispensable for this mission, because It is possible that it may become somewhat long due to the possibility of moving through the planets but the idea of ​​obtaining the necessary elements.

In this way we can end our guide on How to complete the Pendulum quest, since it is easily part of the Destiny 2 season and has come to keep us busy.

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