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Desperados III: How to save all civilians

2020-06-17 09:06:56

Surely you still do not know how to save all civilians in Desperados III, so do not worry, because we have every detail covered.

What is Desperados III?

Before I tell you how to save all civilians, you have to know that Desperados III is the title of the new real-time tactic video game developed by Mimimi Games and published by THQ Nordic, it represents the first release in the series since 2007 off the spin - from Helldorado. The video game has just been released on June 13, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC users. One of the game's missions will make you wonder how to save all civilians due to their level of complexity.

What is the mission to save all civilians in Desperados III?

On how to save all civilians they have to know that this is the task that they will have to complete during the second mission and lose the mission of saving five groups of innocent people, which will give you how to reward a badge and will approach 100 percent to complete The phase.

Although you really don't have to help them all escape, and you won't lose the mission if any of them die, but the idea is for all civilians to come out unscathed to get 100 percent.

You can find the groups on the map above, but you don't have to save them in the same order. The important thing here is that sea as sea, we are going to tell you step by step how to save all civilians in Desperados III.
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How to save all civilians in Desperados III?

The first thing you have to do if you ask how to save all civilians in Desperados III, is to cross the place to reach the locomotive and the destroyed tunnel, until you find one of the gangsters whom you have to shoot with Cooper's revolver from the rocks to finish with it.

At one point in the mission, the hostages will be held by five gangsters on your way north, so deal with them when enemy 1 wearing a poncho heads to the edge of a cliff as far south as possible to attack from behind. as she walks past the sandbags and waits for the right moment to move her body into the bushes. Fortunately the attack will not be visible to another opponent in the poncho.

With a first aid kit and a coin you will make your enemy rotate 180 degrees so you can get away from the others, then get rid of him and hide his body in the bushes anyway.

With the first aid kit and coin, we must now attract the attention of enemy 3 so that the bag falls behind the rocks and cannot be seen by the enemy in the poncho.

Then kill enemies 4 and five.

Then we will have to finish off the enemy next to the locomotive using a hitch when going up to the next hill, or leave the civilians a moment to go down the stairs to approach the enemy in the poncho.

Take care of the bandit running in a green shirt as well as the enemy that sells the train from time to time and then finish with the gangster who attacks the prisoners.

Finish off the green-shirted enemy if he is still alive and then finish off the one guarding the prisoners without being seen by any of the enemies heading north.

Save the game at this point so you don't have any problems if the last hostage dies which will be interrogated by Mary Ann before being shot. Stay away from Mary Ann and the hostages until you complete this mission of Desperateman III.

This has been our guide on how to save all civilians in Desperados III. Desperados III, we have a lot of content about the game that will be useful for you.

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