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Torchlight 3: Where to find Zephoras

2020-06-17 08:44:53

Guide to learn where to find Zephoras in Torchlight 3

  For those of us who know this enjoyable game, it is a new action RPG from Echtra Games and as you progress, you will have to fight through dungeons and complete various missions to get rewards. While the quest tracker is one of the best we've seen in aRPG, some things are still hard to find.One of the many goals you have to accomplish is to find Zephoras and that's why we've created this guide to teach you.

Where to find Zephoras in Torchlight 3?

Zephoras is located in McTyre’s Cove, which is the main city in the second act of the game.

You can find it a little northwest of the landmarks, to the left of the main building with the wooden staircase out front. He is sitting at a small desk, writing something with a pen.

You won't be surprised if you don't find it at first but sooner or later you will have to talk to Zephoras for a variety of missions and although it is right in the middle of the city it can be difficult to find it. We found that sometimes the mission objective is not highlighted correctly on the minimap.

Currently, in this stage of Torchlight 3 Early Access, there are three different acts that you can play. More content will be available as it is developed and tested.

There is something interesting and fun that you can build in your fortress is the Tree of Luck. This building influences the loot that may fall on your world. You can feed your Lucky Tree items to level up. Doing this further improves the drops that happen in the world.

 Now that you know where to find Zephoras in Torchlight 3, you can prepare for the moment when you have to face the character to continue advancing in his adventure.

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