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Guide to learn how to heal in the video game Satisfactory

  Damage from battle or long trips is completely normal in games similar to what Satisfactory is, so it is vitally important to learn how to heal and thus avoid the death that stagnates you in your progress in the game and from this In this way you can go with more tranquility in your adventure.

How to Heal in Satisfactory?

There are four known but different ways to heal in the game. First of all, it is known that you can walk and harvest things like wood and resource nodes, but there are also berry bushes with fruit.

The two pieces of fruit you can eat to restore health are beryl nut and cranberry. You can find them in different bushes scattered across the planet. Beryl nuts give you 6 HP per nut, and a Paleberry gives you 10 HP.

You can also find Bacon Agaric, which is a type of mushroom in the game but will bring you a lot of benefit after eating one of these will restore 20 HP. The only thing you need to do is equip any of these fruits in the slot of your hand, and then use them to eat and heal. Finding your first Bacon Agaric will unlock the Nutrient Research Tree at the M.A.M. building.

The last fourth way is the most powerful to cure is by making a medicinal inhaler. There are a few different recipes you can use to make one of them, all of which we'll list here.

The recipe for the basic medicinal inhaler is:

  • 1 Bacon Agaric
  • 3 Paleberry
  • 7 Beryl Nut

You can also create a medicinal inhaler from extraterrestrial organs, which will require:

  • 3 extraterrestrial organs
  • 5 mycelia

Mycelia is a type of mushroom-making material that can be found inside caves in addition to hand-harvesting, and you may need more giant mushrooms to equip a chainsaw to cut them.

After that there are no more tactics. So far, no new forms of healing have been added.

 Now that you know how to cure in the Satisfactory video game, you can use any of the methods according to the situation. It is important to know that the game is still in early access at this time, so things are subject to change. We will keep this post updated if anything ends up changing.

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