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2022-02-09 09:00:05

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Find out how to get error cubes in this excellent and explanatory Deep Rock Galactic guide.

What to know about the error cubes in Deep Rock Galactic?

They are rock formations that have a bright pink color, it is necessary that we find 5 of these to unlock the trophy, added to this we gain experience at the end of each level, with one of these we will add 4000 XP to complete the mission, being the function of the error cubes, to have an idea of how to obtain error cubes, let's closely follow the content that will be presented below, let's see.

How to get error cubes in Deep Rock Galactic?

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Certainly, it is complex to find strange materials like this, we can see them in any of the levels or environment, but even if it is seen in a level we have no guarantee that we or our crew will find the deposit, being something complicated, just like any mineral we have to extract it from the deposits, we must bear in mind that being a rock with a strange formation of gray peaks, with a pink aura that shines protruding from the cave, when extracted it will be a black and white cube that is the same to a Rubik's cube.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to get error cubes has been very useful for your progress in Deep Rock Galactic.

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