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Angel Marquez
2020-07-10 17:14:56

We invite you to discover how to defeat the dog and the ninja, a new task in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete.

What to know about the dog and the ninja in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete?

It is one of the many enemies to be found in the game, considering that their official names are not those, we must bear in mind that killing them as such is not possible, so all that remains is to try to stay alive for what less to progress in the game, if we want to complete the level we certainly have to beat many other enemies, but in this case our focus is how to defeat the dog and the ninja, now with the support of this guide we will see what to do about it.

How to defeat the dog and the ninja in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete?

These enemies have special attacks, in the specific case of the dog we have to get down on the ground, in order to make a jump to the location where we are in a straight line, capable of passing through the walls and even objects, as much as we hide it will not do any good, while the ninja is in charge of launching a samurai and through this he is capable of carrying out a couple of deadly attacks from a distance, it is necessary that we be attentive to the same.

It is also possible that we encounter an additional enemy, it is an Addict, which usually appears randomly when we are in the areas near the end of the game, if so we have that this has a weapon capable of transporting us to another places of the level if it hits us with it, this without causing us any damage, compared to the dog or the ninja, an impact of their attacks can be fatal, taking into account these confrontations in the level it is necessary that we prepare ourselves for traverse the level quickly.

 Knowing how to defeat the dog and the ninja is interesting as it is possible to get around and have more fun as we progress through SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete.

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