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Darksiders Genesis: How to use Creature Cores

2019-12-17 09:41:28

 In the world of Darksiders Genesis we are going to explain How to use the nuclei of creatures.

 This is a juice that focuses on multiple mechanisms as well as game systems, and in these systems enter the creature cores, so it is important to know How to use the creature cores in Darksiders Genesis. 

 What are creature cores in Darksiders Genesis?

  To know How to use the nucleus of creatures is important to keep in mind that these are only special fragments of souls, these are obtained when eliminating enemies because with it we do that the statistics improve considerably, for it is important also to analyze an inversion of the nucleus the tree Creature Core, which has a capacity to lodge up to 30 grooves of purple color of nucleus and 8 grooves of orange color of nucleus of major creature.

  •   The cores that go into the purple colored slot are obtained by defeating the enemies.
  •  The cores of the orange slot are obtained by defeating bosses and mini bosses.

By getting the creature core we get some rewards that have some relaxation with restoration skills, damage and anger production as well as the sword and swirl icons in Darksiders Genesis.

 How to understand the Creature Core tree in Darksiders Genesis?

 It is important to understand the tree to know how to use the nuclei of creatures, because through it you can increase bonuses, for this it is important to defeat the same enemy a number of times, as this is done with the aim of getting the same nucleus of the creature, for this it is important to make sure that it is placed in the corresponding slot, because in this way benefits are obtained from a level 3 core, only if we place it in the level 3 stocket.

 What are the effects of the Core in Darksiders Genesis?

 Like everything in this life, it is important to keep in mind that nuclei can have effects, as some can be active and passive, so this can be classified as offensive or defensive effects and nature, so it is important to take all these details into account. time to know how to use creature cores.


 The nuclei of minor creatures offer us:

  •  ü Increased health of Duskwing Max.
  • ü Demon Win more Souls of enemies and chests, but reduce the power of Wrath (loss of power from Wrath eliminated in level three).
  • ü The Stoneskin Cast Hound deals damage to an area, the Caltrops suck enemies into the bombs. Drop two bonus Caltrops on level three.
  • ü The Empty Magus grants souls bonuses but also reduces the health of War and Conflict (loss of health eliminated in level three).
  • ü Skeletal Archer Killing enemies increases Movement Speed
  • ü The power of the Wrath of the Wraiths increases
  • ü Borrower War's Synergy attack heals both Horsemen, while Stife's Synergy attack increases damage.
  • ü Gholen Increases the maximum power of health, attack and anger
  • ü Hellhound Small chance in an attack to breed an allied Hellhound to attack enemies
  • ü Increased power of Armored Flea Attack.
  • ü Increase of the wrath power of the Legion Champion
  • ü Increased power of the Fallen Hound Attack.
  • ü Increase in the drop rate of demonic ammunition from Magus.
  • ü The War of Suffering gains resistance to further damage after its Synergy attack, the Dispute increases the speed of execution after its Synergy attack.
  • ü The Ghost Clone Shadow Clone bullets bounce, the radius of the Leaf Geyser increases.
  • ü Breeding health increases the rate of fall of the sphere.
  • ü Slag Flea Flea Fleamag explosions have the opportunity not to interrupt players (reduce damage by explosion at level three).
  • ü Legion Shadow Clone mocks his enemies, Blade Geyser grants a bonus for attack damage for a few seconds.
  • ü Legon Bomber Increases Hotstreak accumulation speed for Strife, reduces War damage.
  • ü The skeletal orbs of Soldier's Wrath fall more frequently
  • ü Shadow Caster Reviving a player also heals the player alive.
  • ü Stringer Stoneskin returns damage to attacks, Caltrops drops healthy orbs.
  • ü Trauma Rampage creates an explosion when it hits an enemy, World Ender is wider.

 These are the effects of the nuclei of minor creatures. Here is the importance of knowing how to use the nuclei of creatures in Darksiders Genesis.

Core creatures offer:

  •  ü Angelic Beast Evade and increase the clearance window.
  • ü Increases the attack power of the tormented door.
  • ü Jailer Killing an enemy increases attack power for a few seconds
  • ü Construct Champion War fills a point of anger after its synergy attack, Strife fills 25 percent of its Hotstreak meter after its synergy attack.
  • ü Creature core effect
  • ü The power of the Ashworm Attack and the rising power of Wrath.
  • ü Increased power of the attack of the hollow demon.
  • ü Houndmaster's anger power increases
  • ü The Battleship War can block more damage, the Fighter earns attack bonuses and Wrath power.
  • ü Legion Boltspitter Max increased health.
  • ü Mammon More health and orbs of Wrath, Souls and drops of ammunition.
  • ü Slag Demon Chance leaves behind a trail of lava after a race.

 With this we come to the end of the guide on How to use creature cores in Darksiders Genesis hoping that what was written here will be useful.

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