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With our Dark Souls 3 guide you will learn more about How to beat Sister Friede, let's see.

Who is Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3?

It is one of the bosses that we are going to face that is part of the ash content of Ariandel, with this we have certainly reached a very special content in many ways, we must face this boss and Ariandel's father in a series of stages It should be noted that the difficulty is high, it will even be necessary for us to bring allies to beat this pair, taking into account the great capabilities of our opponent it is ideal to know how to beat Sister Friede and for this we see the following explanation.

How to beat Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3?

  • Stun her melee with the hammers: Sister Friede's weakness is the melee, so it will be opportune in Dark Souls 3 that we use weapons with the hammer and the big hammers, with which we will do a lot of poise damage, achieving with it make her wobble more easily than other weapons, she might be stunned and have some head start on how to beat Sister Friede, until we even make her health run out completely, one-handed hammers can give us faster in the blows, it is important to emphasize using this possible strategy in the 3 stages of combat, for this in stage 1, you have to be very aggressive, trying to avoid that you can execute a critical attack by running from one side to another in room in Dark Souls 3, when we are in stage 2 we must focus on Father Ariandel, because the health bar is shared with Friede, and he will be easier to attack, while in stage 3 patients is necessary until we have a chance to solve How to Beat Sister Friede with a space to attack her.

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  • Melee bleeding: certainly the weakness from blows is its weak point, but there are other options that can cause damage in Dark Souls 3, it is a state of ailment that can cause bleeding, you just have to work with the correct weapon and the perfect strategy, with only 4 or 5 blows we have that the Ashen One can fill the enemy's bleeding meter, for this we will use a weapon that allows the accumulation of innate blood, for that reason we will use a bleeding weapon, ideally being improved and polished before using it, it is necessary in terms of How to beat Sister Friede that we also have many Carthus Rouge bought from the sanctuary servant, with this we can stack the natural auxiliary effect of the weapon so that the health of this boss falls into large portions of his bar, but we can be more lethal in Dark Souls 3 if we use this against Father Ariandel, because he is more vulnerable to bleeding, it is important that we continue with the melee as base to achieve see results on How to beat Sister Friede, a precise strategy for this strategy.

  • The Sorcerer: during this fight we will see that the boss uses many dark magic spells against us, but it will not turn out to be immune to this kind of attacks as well, only that we must take into account not to use magic damage because it resists and in the case of freezing will be useless, we must focus on those with the fastest launch speed, because in most cases in Dark Souls 3 it will be able to evade them, in stage 1 we can use loops in the surroundings of the room so that we maintain the distance, being patience and resistance are necessary throughout the fight, we only have to attack when we have the opportunity, we can receive a lot of damage by being with the sorcerer's tunic, now in stage 2 our objective remains as always father Ariandel, because he has many weaknesses, with the pestilential fog we can make it fall quickly while we also use other spells to drop the shared health, finally in stage 3 we must take into account an on How to defeat Sister Friede that enemy attacks are more dangerous, despite this, it will reach a vulnerable point after each attack of Sister Friede, certainly this strategy is the most complicated, but with these details we can achieve it.

Knowing how to beat Sister Friede is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Dark Souls 3.

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