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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-04 14:59:13

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Today we will tell you everything you need to know about how to find Mausser in Cyberpunk 2077, so be very careful.

Who is Mausser in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is a man that you can find at the Inconvenient Killer concert, specifically at the 7th Hell Club downtown. Mausser is someone everyone wants dead. However, you don't necessarily have to kill him to complete the mission and get the reward and here we will tell you how to find Mausser.

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How to find Mausser in Cyberpunk 2077?

The first thing you have to do is bribe the goalkeeper of the club with 500 Eddies so that he leaves you and enters and you can go down the stairs.

Mausser will be upstairs, in the VIP room and to get to him without being detected you will have to go to the dance floor> then right to find a staircase to the second floor> go to the other side where you will find a guard leaning on a rail with his back to you and a security room next to him with a worked interior.

When the work moves to the next room you will have to duck and move here> Move to the next door to find the worker from behind and go straight to the third room where there is a ladder that will allow you to access the lighting platform> move forward to the other side of the room and go through the hole in the wall to go down to the bathroom> go through the door to get out of the VIP room where Mausser and another person are.

When you enter the room, Mausser should start talking to you, there are microphones and he will start shooting instantly, if so, you will have to reload and do it again trying to calm Mausser by saying that it is a good idea to leave the city.

He agrees with the idea and you can turn in the work and get all your rewards.

When you have to leave you will have to go back the way you came to avoid sounding the alarm. Get out of the club and collect your eddies from the closest drop point.

 Now that you know how to find Mausser in Cyberpunk 2077, you can complete this mission without having to kill anyone and taking all the rewards. So just try to prevent club security from detecting you and follow the other steps.

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