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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-13 15:33:49

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Cyberpunk 2077 has finally arrived to entertain us, so it is important to know how to collect free rewards

Where to get the free rewards at Cyberpunk 2077?

This is an important objective to achieve since we are presented with the opportunity to carry out some missions from which it is possible to get the most out of it, but it is clear that there is a particular task where we are allowed to get him and that's the side quest called El Gig.
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How to collect free rewards at Cyberpunk 2077?

The place where we can choose to take the free reward is Cassius Ryder's ripperdoc store, so it is important to finish talking with Wakako in Westrbrook and head northwest in search of the reward, the advantage is that there is the possibility of doing use of fast travel, in such a way that this makes things much easier for us so that we only focus on finding the travel point of the Cherry Blossom Market to teleport ourselves to the docks located in the north, once there It is necessary to move a little to the south, since it is the location of the store, since it is easy enough to get and it is that it usually has a sign that shines enough where you can clearly read Doc Ryder.


 Knowing how to collect free rewards is undoubtedly fantastic, but some players have indicated that they cannot enter the store upon arrival, so they will have to wait a bit since at this moment there is no solution which may represent a bug in the game.


 Now, for us that we get to enter it is necessary:

  •  Take care of asking Ryder to show us the inventory
  • Choose to select the Hands slot from the menu presented to us.
  • Proceed to select Tiger Claw Dermal Smell Tattoo which is ideal for using the smart weapons module and is simply the free reward.
  • Once confirmed we proceed to leave Ryder's inventory because we managed to complete the mission.


 It should be noted that there are players who are interested in Ryder's Smart Link, and are not interested in free rewards because it means working on a side mission, this is valid, they are not required, the detail is that to achieve it, it is necessary to have some amount of money since this is not free.

This is all we know about how to collect free rewards, it is simply a favorable task that we can perform at Cyberpunk 2077.

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