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Today we bring you a Cris Tales guide where we tell you how to beat the Volcano Sisters.

Who are the sisters of the volcano in Cris Tales?

These are nothing more than two creatures with which it is usually necessary to fight, each of these has its own particularity, in fact when they come together they can be highly powerful, in this sense, we must know how to defeat the sisters of the volcano, for which It is necessary to consider a combat strategy, where we manage to do them considerable damage, being quite difficult, and it can be almost impossible to face both, we manage to find a solution to turn it around, the important thing here is to have combat fundamentals.

How to beat the volcano sisters in Cris Tales?

It is worth mentioning that we have the possibility of being able to manipulate time and this is positive for us, this offers us the opportunity to extend the combat time, this can favor us in the sense of sending some enemies either a time ahead or a time back At the end of it all, we are the ones who have control of the time in Cris Tales, and it is usually a necessary strategy to defeat the creatures, in this sense, knowing how to defeat the Volcano Sisters leads us to take into account that the fight goes from to be just that a struggle, to develop a brute force that truly makes things complicated, in this sense, it is usually necessary to consider:
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    • Choose to void the benefits of the Sister's shield.
    • Make use of the combination of elemental and temporal magic in order to make it rust.
    • Choose to abide by the shield with some water attack to proceed to send the sisters a little later in time.
    • We will see that the water will cause the shield to rust, and therefore it is useless, thus allowing us to harm the sisters more deeply.
    • Even without the shield, these sisters are dangerous, which makes it convenient to avoid trusting ourselves, especially we must be vigilant when they make a 4-hit combo.
    • To avoid receiving damage, it will be necessary to take care of pressing the confirmation button, this must be done before an enemy can connect.
    • You need to get a good timing to execute attacks that allow you to do considerable damage.
    • It should be noted that this combat can become a bit long, and quite hard, if necessary it is possible to choose to return to some previous areas and reinforce ourselves a little.

    Now that you know how to beat the Volcano Sisters, it's time to try it and tell us how the process is going in Cris Tales.

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