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2024-06-05 20:24:15

Valve released the Counter-Strike 2 update, which, with the first trailers, surprised players. The developers worked hard on the game and made a considerable number of changes—both targeted and revolutionary. What has changed in Counter-Strike 2?

Improvements and New Mechanics

Let's start by looking at the specific improvements and innovations that have appeared in the game. Also, do not forget that gambling in the CS is not only fun but also profitable. Read more about this in the guide.

Corpses Interact with Each Other

With the update of CS:GO to CS2, the developers updated the game physics and, with it, the ragdoll corpse system. Already in CS:GO, we saw how the bodies of defeated opponents fell quite realistically, but in this version of the game, the corpses fell into each other while being in the same place. Now, they lie on top of each other. Yes, this will have almost no effect on the gameplay, but the game now looks more realistic and more immersive.

The R_cleardecals Command No Longer Exists

Almost all players, especially those with weak PCs, used the bind with the r_cleardecals command, which removed all decals from textures: traces of blood, bullet holes, and effects after grenade explosions. It helped put less strain on the system and also improved visibility. However, this team will not appear in the new game. Now, all these traces disappear on their own after 30 seconds, so it is impossible to implement this command.

Smokes of Different Colors

Smokes have undergone a significant change in Counter-Strike 2. However, we will not start with the revolution that Valve carried out, but with a slight change that improves the quality of life. Now, the attack and defense smokes are slightly different in color. The smoke from defense grenades is bluish, while the smoke from attack grenades is sandy. Now you can understand that your teammate smoked your position, which is why you lost the round.

New Kill Display

Along with the game update, the interface also changed. A new indication of kills in a round has appeared among these changes. Previously, players looked in the lower right corner: the frags made in this round were displayed there. Now the display has become much more enjoyable. Frags appear in the bottom center of the screen and look like playing cards. The appearance of each card depends on the method of murder: with a knife, in the head, or with a grenade.

New Interface

Opinions about CS 2's interface are divided because Valve changed the entire HUD. Now, health and ammo information are located closer to the center of the screen, and in the middle of the bottom, there is an icon for the side the user is playing for. It is most likely not the latest version of the interface, and it will change over time.

Jumpthrow Is No Longer Needed

All players at a relatively high level of play had the jumpthrow bind for throwing grenades while jumping. It was needed to ensure that the grenades always flew accurately because, at different moments of the jump, they fly differently. In CS2, you won't need jumpthrow. The game now automatically handles the jump throw of a grenade, and it always flies the same way.

Players Can't Change Hands Anymore

Previously, most players used a bind, which changes the weapon's position from the right side of the screen to the left. It was necessary in order to completely control the situation if, in your position, the opponent came out from the right side. However, with the transition to a new engine, this bind will not remain. Now, players can see their shadows, which will create many problems and look strange, which is why the bind was not in the game.

Changing Grenade Duration

Let's move on to more significant changes, namely balance changes. The maximum duration of flash grenades is 4 seconds, rather than three as before. Also, smokes are now clear in 20 seconds rather than 18. It should slow down the game, but combined with other changes, the pacing is unlikely to change, but the meta will change.

Displaying Sounds on the Minimap

This change probably turned out to be one of the most controversial. Now, every sound a player makes is displayed on the minimap, and you can visually determine how it spreads and understand where you can be heard and where you can't. Yes, this is a minor tweak to the game, but the community shouldn't be so critical of it.

CS 2 And Chickens

The latest major update to Counter-Strike 2 gave players the opportunity to use skins and temporarily adjust the game balance. It also brought a very unusual surprise—a secret animation associated with chickens, which have long been an integral part of some maps in the game.

According to the patch notes, Valve has improved the chickens' behavior: They can now change direction to the right, climb up inclined surfaces, and display several new animations.

However, meticulous gamers, exploring the updated version of the game came across something reminiscent of the process of inspecting weapons. But instead of the usual study of weapon parts, the player, it turns out, can "inspect" chickens peacefully walking around the maps.


All these features demonstrate that the update is genuinely massive. The developers have put a lot of effort into improving the game. As for the chickens, it is unknown whether they will become an integral part of the gameplay or remain a fun element for attentive players.

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