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If you are wondering how to use the metro station in Call of Duty Warzone we have a complete article with everything you need to know.

What is the Call of Duty Warzone metro station.

It is not actually a station as such, but the subway system that circulates in a circle around the map and that was introduced as part of the content pertaining to season 6 of the game.

The game's subway system runs through places like the airport, the boardwalk and the city center, which is perfect for when you and your squad need to get away from a point quickly, so here we are going to tell you how to use the subway station .

How to use the metro station in Call of Duty Warzone.

To use a station, what you have to do is go to one of them, it can be anyone, it does not matter if it is one of the new ones or one that already has time in the game. Upon arrival you can look for the new set of stairs to the left or right to go straight to the platform.

The sign above will let you know where the train is coming from and which station it is going to. If you want to go in another direction you will have to take the train on the other side of the station.

You should be aware that the train will not arrive if there is combat on the yén, so you will have to make sure you are alone or with your squad on site if you want to board the train.
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When the train is on its way you will see the lights on the edge of the platform turn red and when you reach the platform the doors will open automatically and you can climb up.

During the trip, your screen will turn black for a short period and you choose when to get off.

To exit the station you can use the regular stairs or exit through a more discreet hatch.

Keep in mind that the subway will never get you to a station on gas, so don't worry about that when you take it, but it takes a while to get there and you can get caught on gas while you wait.

  That's all you need to know about how to use the metro station in Call of Duty Warzone, we hope that now that you know all this and the stations are already available, you will be able to get the most out of them when you need them.

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