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2020-12-17 09:40:36

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Knowing how to play the map of the Rebirth Island is an option that we can execute in Call of Duty warzone.

What is the Rebirth Island in Call of Duty warzone?

This is a new map that has been incorporated into this game and that coincides with the first season of Black Ops Cold War, where we are allowed to enjoy a unique experience, which includes advancing in a match, even if this may generate some kind of delay in the programming and with the opportunity of increasing the playability where it is possible that a total of 40 players can participate.
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How to play the Rebirth Island map in Call of Duty Warzone?


  •   This is just a task that leads us to select the revival Trios playlist on the "play" screen.
  • You can choose to select either mode from the original Verdansk map.
  • We still do not know if it is possible to play this Warzone map in any other game mode, either individual or group.
  • In the case of teaming, it is necessary to take care of playing with friends online.


In this sense, knowing how to play the Rebirth Island Map allows us to enjoy a little more of all the content that Call of Duty warzone has for us.

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