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Call of Duty Warzone Pacific offers us more news and in the midst of it, it is necessary to know how to obtain KG M40, let's see.

What is KG M40 in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific?

This is one of the best assault rifles that we got in this season 2 and that right now has a large number of players hoping to pull it off, this considering that it is a weapon that has the ability to do a lot Huge damage to enemies.

How to get KG M40 in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific?

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This is a necessary task and to achieve it we must unlock it, this does not have greater complexity, we just have to wait for season 2 to arrive because its Battle Pass usually contains some amount of weapons and equipment where KG M40 can be found, we will only have You have to reach level 15 of the Battle Pass, fortunately this is a free level, once we get this weapon we are allowed to use it and thus kill many enemies that can be complex.

We have finished this guide on How to obtain KG M40, so that it will only be enough to wait and work a little in season 2 of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.

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