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We invite you to discover How to beat Marla, a necessary task in Bravely Default 2.

Who is Marla in Bravely Default 2?

  It is about one of the generals of Holograd, who received the order from Adam to conquer Savalon, this through infiltration with the help of her abilities in the shadows, being disguised as another person, at some point we can discover her, and it is When we have to face it, now it is necessary to understand How to beat Marla, so we will rely on this guide and its explanatory content, let's see what we find about it.

How to beat Marla in Bravely Default 2?

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This has phantom work, from which it takes much advantage, the quick and lethal attacks and counterattacks are its strongest points, we will see that from the shadows it performs its movements against the group, it has a very remarkable speed and evasion, being her very fast turns, which puts us at the mercy of failing when attacking her, the focus of phantom work is damage and avoid all the skills that we use against her in Bravely Default 2, her weaknesses are light and spears, so that if we have a light work with a good level we can take advantage of it, for example the Holy of the Spiritmaster, our physical attacks can constantly fail due to the high evasion that Marla has, so to find How to beat Marla we have that the spells are not seen affected by their evasion, something we can use against them, but this puts the magicians under the mercy of their attacks because of how fragile they are, instead we can use a Salve-Maker, achieving c With this heel and cause damage in a fixed way, in turn our defenses will be increased.

 With the Salve-Maker we can cause specific ailment to Marla, taking into account how vulnerable she is to paralysis, once she is paralyzed we can cause a great amount of damage or even completely defeat her, it is important whenever our group is at the top in vitality and that we do not use physical attacks, because they will be countered and with movements of great impact, in the end we can then get the phantom work, which brings with it the passive ability Dual Wield, with which you can equip 2 weapons.

 We can conclude that knowing how to beat Marla is easier than we thought thanks to these indications, so we can continue to progress in Bravely Default 2 without problems.

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