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With our Bravely Default 2 guide you will learn more about How to beat Adam.

What to know about Adam in Bravely Default 2?

 It is the only enemy that remains belonging to Holograd, certainly since we started in the game we managed to notice that this moment would come, which is presented to us in the fourth chapter, so seeking to understand how to defeat Adam we can rely on some advice that will be presented In this guide to complete this task, let's see below the details.

How to beat Adam in Bravely Default 2?

 Certainly Adam is not the final enemy, even though he seems so because of his power we must go through this confrontation, the asterisk Hellblade possesses him, it is a work mixed with Spellblades and Dark Kinghts, it is a very strange character, where His kit is constantly causing important damage, only that it can also receive it in this process, how many very powerful elemental attacks that can cause us problems in turns, it is even capable of counterattacking if we seek to hurt it with states, to solve How to beat Adam will go through the fact of using force because poison or similar will be useless for this combat in Bravely Default 2.

 Once Adam's health is diminished, the combat will become more dangerous, when using the Minus Strike, with this attack it is capable of leading us to death, the focus of this attack acts in relation to the HP that is missing and the maximum of it, we must bear in mind that this enemy in Bravely Default 2 can be lethal with its negative blow, because it can cause us a KO Each time he uses it and if he does it against the whole group, we will have a hard time, but for him to do it, this requires having gathered 3 HP, so we must be attentive to the healing using Heavencloud Blade and the Passive ability Deal with the Devil, certainly will not fall easily even if he is constantly losing his skills, what we will do for the solution to How to beat Adam is to counter his physical attacks every time he attacks us.
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Our focus should be the attacks, ignoring the magicians because Adam only has vulnerability with axes in Bravely Default 2, what we will do is have our team with vanguards, Neo Cross Slash or Berserkers with Amped blows, thereby achieving great damage to the hit the Hellblade, for more we have the Spiritmaster in the team and throw Reraise to everyone in the team, which allows to avoid the wipes that he will cause with his Minus Strike, the skill of the noble oracle sacrifice is ideal here, but taking into account that only once per combat can it be used.

 As for how to beat Adam we have to avoid the use of status, attack him with the characters that use axes focused on strong blows, heal us, have the Spiritmaster that will prevent us from falling into the wipes and the noble sacrifice ability of oracle alone We must have it as something optional, if we are very over-leveled we will have everything in our favor, and it is possible to ignore everything mentioned, because the damage that we can cause anger beyond Adam's capabilities in Bravely Default 2, otherwise we must work with the strategy presented in this guide, if we manage to solve How to beat Adam we will finally win the Hellblade job, which brings with it an ability to exceed our damage limits for attacks in 9999 and having access to all jobs.

 The following movements will be useful in terms of How to beat Adam:

  •  It is possible that for a maximum of 3 turns we will cause fire damage and with it some HP will be lost and also counterattack when the enemy uses some status ailment, this with the ruby ​​blades.
  • Water damage can be dealt with in 3 turns max, but some HP will be lost with sapphire blades at Bravely Default 2.
  • To cause wind damage in 3 turns maximum, you have to use the emerald blades and this causes some HP to be lost in the process.
  • Deal earth damage for 3 turns with the carnelian blades, causing a loss of HP.
  • The difference between the HP and the maximum HP will be decisive to cause the damage with less hit.
  • It is possible to consider recovering a percentage of HP and MP during each turn with the Deal with the Devil.
  • We can heal PS and PM with the Heavencloud Blade
  • With an attack physical attacks can be countered.

 In this way we conclude our Bravely Default 2 guide, now it is possible to know how to beat Adam and with the tips to progress in this adventure.

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