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2022-10-03 10:36:36

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We have made a guide in order to explain how to unlock more characters and avatars in Bonelab.

What does it mean to unlock more characters and avatars in Bonelab?

  Having the possibility of having more characters with whom we are allowed to play through history, for our good fortune there is a good number of characters, we can get Skins and collectibles that do not allow us to continue, it should be noted that we can feel a little lost at the beginning, but this is not a cause for concern, here we will tell you everything you need to do to make this process easy and effortless.

How to unlock more characters and avatars in Bonelab?

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How to Solve the Crane Puzzle in Bonelab

Much attention so that you can know how to solve the crane puzzle in Bonelab, because here we will tackle this for you.

It is good to know that as we progress in this game we are allowed to move through different levels in Story Mode, here we will see the orange balls that are usually somewhat strange, these are usually located in each of the doors, it is worth noting that these usually turn orange as we complete levels.

As we progress we will see that in the central axis we get a flight of stairs that usually take us to a crane and this is where the orange balls come into play, so that this implies taking care of placing some batteries that we have obtained in the generator and grab different objects with it, the objects that we grab here are the orange balls to proceed to place them on the pedestals of the crane and by doing so we are allowed to open the Quarantine doors, when we open this door we will see The real game is usually unlocked with the full campaign.

Progressing in the campaign is vital, it allows us to unlock Skins and avatars, this implies making a total of 6 pages full of masks, we must progress to unlock more new resources and even manage to load our own personalized avatar, this as long as we have skills to mold it ourselves, so that knowing how to unlock more characters and avatars in Bonelab is not really very complicated, this is part of the virtual reality games in which we get involved and that offers us the opportunity to embark on the possibility of experiencing a fantastic story.

 In general terms, knowing how to unlock more characters and avatars in Bonelab offers us the possibility to work a little and take advantage of what we have learned to put it into practice.

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